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Desde 1997 no ar
- Since 1997 in the air - Desde 1997 en el aire - Depuis 1997, dans l'air

Participação de Anna Lou Olivier (Lou de Olivier) como Oradora (Speaker)
 em congressos internacionais

Video presentation or/and Poster presentation (online or presential) - Apresentações em vídeo ou/e poster, por internet ou presencial

Principais temas defendidos/apresentados nos congressos internacionais
Multitherapy - therapy techniques developed by Lou de Olivier
Multitherapy, welcome multitherapy, welcome to the therapy of future  
Multitherapy treating Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD)”

 Multitherapy as an allied in the treatment of dyslexia and acquired dyslexia (specific learning disorder with impairment in reading)
Acquired Dyslexia formalized
Toy library allied to learning, reassessment twenty years after the implementation of the method